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Tips for Your Kid’s First Haircut

You’ve got to admit that removing a part of your body is pretty freaky. Especially if your brain is still trying to figure out what the body even is. So how do you get your kid to deal with their first haircut?

Before You Go

1. Be sure they know what to expect.
Tell him what the salon will look like and where he will sit, (the chairs will look like a car or they go up and down!). You also might want to talk about plastic cape they’ll wear, the bottle for wetting his hair, and the all-important scissors. Most important, tell him what the Stylist will do: carefully trim his hair so that it doesn’t get in his eyes or tickle his ears.

2. Make it fun and games.
Pantomime the experience using a beloved stuffed animal, or “play the Junior Clips visit” with him in front of a mirror—you might even trim off a small piece of your hair (or his) to demonstrate that it won’t hurt. Tip: Stick to the words “trim” or “style” instead of the more painful-sounding word “cut.” 

3. Previous visit.
Consider stopping in Junior Clips a few days beforehand to get your child familiarize with our staff,  place,
and process. Your child could meet our stylists and even practice sitting in the chair and wearing the cape.

4. Talk to him about how Mommy and Daddy get haircuts, too.
If you plan to get your own hair cut, talk to him about your own experience. Let him inspect and feel your hair before and after the cut. He could even come along and watch if it’s Daddy’s haircut.

7. Read books.
Who knew there were so many books about getting a haircut? Check out the Luca Lashes and his First Haircut eBook or these suggestions from Little Parachutes. Many children handle new situations better when they can “see” (over and over and over) other children having the same experience first. To that end, you can also….

8. Watch videos of other kids getting haircuts.
Simply do a quick search on YouTube. You might consider filming your child’s first haircut, and, assuming the experience goes well, showing the video to her before her second appointment.

The Big Day

8. Time it right.
Make sure to make an appointment at the time your child is well-rested and fed before you head in. Bring a few non-sticky snacks as a backup.

9. Bring reinforcements.
A lovie
, books to read her during the cut, and any other simple distractions or entertainment can help her happily pass the time. Also pack an extra shirt in case she really can’t tolerate the plastic cape.

10. Arrive early.
This will give him time to acclimate to the space 
and possibly watch a few haircuts take place prior to his turn.

11. Take pictures and video.
If your child is comfortable with it, record the moment to emphasize how special it is. Many children like seeing images of themselves, so remind her you can look at them together after.

12. Give the Stylist space.
Our Stylist have a few tricks up her sleeve for dealing with fidgety, fussy, or anxious kiddos. We love that parents participate actively in all the process and even our stylist may request your help, however, some children do better if their parents are not nearby. 

13. There’s always next time.
If your child is completely losing it, we will consider taking a break to calm him down. If the situation remains we can reschedule for another day.

14. Celebrate! After the cut.
Congratulate your child on how they did, as well as their brand new style.  In Junior Clips they will get a first cut certificate with a picture and a lock of hair.

15. Junior Clips is the best option for kids’ first cut.
Junior Clips is specialized in Kids! the whole salon has been designed to make our haircuts a fun experience for kids and hassle free for parents, with three different  areas (babies, girls and boys), all equipped according to the requirements of each area, (styling chairs shaped like cars or planes, Tvs with  video games and movies), and great finish looks with glitter or gel, but above all, you’ll  be attended by our experienced Stylists.

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